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I want to clarify some things since I am getting some questions - I did write him a long, heartfelt card as well (some of you said this would help, some of you said greeting cards mean nothing, so take that as you will).

The trips to visit were right around the time of our anniversary and we went camping in a National Park around that time and spent some very special quality time together. Some people mentioned love languages and value placed on events like this - I think he and I differ in how we celebrate it so there is some work to do in communication there.

He says he would have preferred something I spent time on, spending time together or making a special meal together.

I’d like to point out here that I came to visit him twice over he summer while he had a job out of town for 2 months - and one of those times was less than 2 weeks after I’d had emergency surgery.

Modern 2nd Anniversary Gifts for Him Traditionally, cotton was the suggested material for good anniversary gifts for men in the second year.

This can still serve you well, including useful garments such as a nice cotton jacket, or high thread count sheets you can both enjoy.

Now comes the most important question: What should you get for your SO? You want a present that's somewhere between "I love you and look forward this adventure together!

You want something sentimental but not too serious, or maybe practical but without being boring.

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He feels unappreciated even though we’ve spent a lot of quality time on vacation together lately and never talked about expectations for gifts. In all fairness, flights are quite expensive, esp for someone that might not have much to spend.

In my mind, that was part of the anniversary celebration. Like I said, I apologized and plan to make it up to him. For our 2 year anniversary, my (29F) boyfriend (32 M) got us a fancy hotel for the night and we had a wonderful time at the hotel bar and sleeping in and being together.

I am significantly less financially stable than he is, and I got him a mug with a cute inside joke on it. He said he’s surprised that a mug represents our relationship to me.

We also never talked about expectations for presents.

I was delightfully surprised at the hotel night, but he never expressed to me that he expected something equal in financial or time value.

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