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You are strongly advised to go through your potential brides’ profiles carefully and not to rush to the next phase.

Only decide to message those with whom you have something in common.

It means that their professional life will be put on hold until their family responsibilities subside.

There are, however, those capable of juggling a family and a job, so it’s merely a question of choosing whatever suits her best.

It can be a shared hobby or a taste in music but also something as important as your outlook on future.

While it’s possible that you might only be interested in a short fling, the majority of single Russian women are looking for a dependable man to marry.

If you ask yourself why that is so and why there aren’t more beautiful Russian women looking for casual relationships without commitment, the answer is in their upbringing.

A Russian woman would much rather walk than ride a bus or even drive her own car.At least three photos are required: one showing her portrait, one of her whole figure and the third one portraying her engaged in an activity she enjoys.In case a woman does not have these photos, a professional photographer is assigned to her so she could provide high-quality photos for uploading on the dating website.In reality, you will find just as many Russian girls who are redheads or brunettes, corpulent, and petite.That said, obesity is not nearly as prevalent in Russia as it is the US, unfortunately.

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