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Dates: Sat, Nov 16 2019 Venue: Teatro Bellco Website: Visit Event Website TEDx Mile High Presents: Humankind Exploremos el elemento humano detrás de cada invención.Ya sea ciencia, tecnología, artes, educación o negocios, son los esfuerzos de los grupos y el poder del cerebro de las personas lo que nos lleva a avanzar.Their maternal fetal specialist advised them that there were 3 possible options 1) that their baby would not survive and be still born 2) that their baby would stop growing and depending on her size may or may not be viable at birth and 3) that mom, Karin, would get preeclampsia and they would have to deliver the baby, but again depending on the size she may or may not be viable.At 32 weeks Karin was admitted to the hospital showing signs of preeclampsia which turned into HELLP Syndrome resulting in an emergency C-section.Incluso con inteligencia artificial, robótica, automóviles sin conductor, realidad virtual y similares, se desarrollan a partir de nuestras ideas del futuro sobre nosotros mismos y sobre cómo debería ser el futuro.

A medida que nuestro mundo cambia cada vez más, recordemos que es la naturaleza humana, el pensamiento humano y, colectivamente, la humanidad lo que nos hace avanzar.Event Details: LESSONS: Prepare a five-minute story about those hard-learned lessons. Learn More Event Details: SPOOKY: Prepare a five-minute story about the moments that made your heart race. The times you looked a gift horse in the mouth or thanked your lucky stars. Whether from trial-and-error or trial-by-fire, we want to hear about your “aha! Listen as ten Story SLAM champs tell tales of temperatures crackling, lids blown, leaps out of the frying pan, or ... From butterflies to terror, reveal what makes you uneasy. Learn More Event Details: GRATITUDE: Prepare a five-minute story about blessings you can count or the ones in disguise.If you continue to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Remember, we’re the only authorized online ticket provider for theatre shows and related events produced and presented by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

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