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The ideas listed are only representative examples offered to stimulate your ideas and may not be appropriate for your particular child.It is also important to keep in mind that your child may need different solutions in different situations—no one device or technique will be the answer to everything.Students who are visually impaired often cannot perceive information directly from their environment, but accommodations and modifications help them do so.Something as simple as the flexibility to sit closer to the chalkboard may meet your child's needs, or it could be necessary to alter the physical arrangement of the environment by providing additional furniture, shelving, or access to electrical outlets for the operation of specialized equipment.For example, Ahmed, who is in third grade, has low vision and cerebral palsy and reads and writes more slowly than his classmates.

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It is important that all materials be considered—not just textbooks, but worksheets and all supplemental reading materials.Some examples include having extra time to complete assignments, using braille or large-print materials, having assignments or tests broken up into smaller parts, or completing assignments in a quiet setting away from other students."Modification" commonly refers to a change to what your child is learning or tested on that changes the standards or requirements she needs to meet.Leer este artículo en español Children who are visually impaired can do virtually all the activities and tasks that sighted children can do, but they often need to learn to do them in a different way or using different tools or materials.For instance, your child may need reading materials in braille rather than in print or may need to examine a live rabbit with her hands to understand what it is, rather than learning from a picture in a book.

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