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The domain consists of network entities, such as MAG and LMA, between which Proxy Binding can be maintained on behalf of the mobile nodes.Local Mobility Anchor (LMA)—LMA is the home agent for the mobile node in a PMIPv6 domain.Together with its Customer Experience team of experts, Cisco enables service providers, media and web companies to reduce cost and complexity, helps scale and secure their networks, and grow their revenue.Supporting resources RSS Feed for Cisco: About Cisco Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984.The network is responsible for managing IP mobility on behalf of the host.The mobility entities in the network are responsible for tracking the movements of the host and initiating the required mobility signaling on its behalf.However in case the mobility involves different network interfaces, the host needs modifications similar to Mobile IP in order to maintain the same IP address across different interfaces.Network-based mobility management enables IP mobility for a host without requiring its participation in any mobility-related signaling.

Contrary to Mobile IP approach, this functionality is implemented by the network, which is responsible for tracking the movements of the host and initiating the required mobility signalling on its behalf.

In roaming, the purpose of the NAI is to identify the user and assist in the routing of the authentication request.

The standard syntax is "[email protected]", or as defined in rfc 4282.

More Information Proxy Mobile IPv6 (or PMIPv6, or PMIP) is a network-based mobility management protocol standardized by IETF and is specified in RFC 5213.

It is a protocol for building a common and access technology independent of mobile core networks, accommodating various access technologies such as Wi MAX, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and WLAN based access architectures.

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