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These patterns were named getting / leaning, avoiding, ruling / dominant, and socially useful.

The getting / leaning type are selfish personalities who take but never or rarely give back.

Allport is sometimes referred to as the founder of personality psychology.

He believed that the study of personality could be characterized in 2 ways.

For example, the mother archetype has a yearning or need to nurture others.

In other words, an archetype is a model, prototype, or stereotype that is used as a structural component to a developing Sigmund Freud Freud developed the model of the psyche or personality composed of the Id, Ego, and Superego.

One of the external processes Adler believed had a significant impact on a developing personality was birth order.

The Id works on the pleasure principle - it seeks to avoid pain and increase pleasure at any cost.

It drives us to search for food when hungry, rest when tired, and other basic impulses that ensure our survival.

Thus, Allport attempted to explain personality be answering the question of uniqueness versus universality. He did this by looking through a dictionary and writing down any terms that described a person's personality.

He then divided these terms into 3 types of traits; cardinal, central and secondary.

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