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the massively multiplayer online dating service is designed specifically to hook-up gamers, and seems populated with a fair mix of both sexes.

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For This Result, Has Not See His Daughter In Many Years. Furthermore, She’s Asking To Go On A “Father-Daughter Date” With Him.

i'm a cheerleader and play mmorpg's and met a guy at my school who plays them too, you guys really need to look at yourself's more, woman dont like any guy who comes over and says “hey hotty wanna go out? eventualy when everyone dies, everyone is the same, if you cant understand that fact, then you should serisouly kill yourself, because your going straight to hell, or wherever the fuck people go after they die just in case god really doesnt exist.

”, and if they do then they are most likely sluts who have nothing planned for thier lifes. – by adderjust because someone spends most of their time on a computer doesn't mean they are ugly i am the biggest computer geek you will ever meet but i also am 5'4 and only weigh 110 and am 15 i am not anarexic i just live on a lake and get my excercise from swimming – by tonyi am a gamer and i can play as much video games as i want and girls still love me.

we just don't post adds on silly dating sites becaues we don't have to. geezzzz you freakazoids need to get a personality upgrade” just for your you, who the fuck says freakazoid and personality upgrade? obvisously your a geek because you mentioned “upgrade”, which is mainly a computer term.

but don't knock gaming girls til you've tried being with someone who doesn't nag you about every little thing.i believe this is what all girls do in real life. if you really a jock and new wtf you where doing, you wouldnt even be on this site!

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