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Valburg stated that his father could make a living doing about anything, he knew everybody and everybody knew him.

The family ranch consisted of 40 acres of crop ground that was cultivated with a team of work horses.

And it didn’t take long at all for that idea to take off.

Valburg told that, “I was always a pansy and had to sit in the front seat of the car otherwise I would get car sick.

Valburg remembers the move like it was just yesterday.

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It wasn’t until he was able to leave the passenger seat and pilot the plane himself that the motion sickness halted.After the family settled into their new place Valburg’s father decided it was time to expand his herd.A large livestock sale was scheduled to be held in Nebraska and the easiest way to get there was to fly.Though it may look a little differently now, the original house is still home to Valburg to this very day.After the family move, Valburg continued school at White River High School and graduated in the class of 1947.

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