Anton viktorovich yelchin dating

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This year he replayed his role as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek Beyond.

Over the years, there have been rumors about several actresses dating Anton Yelchin, from Felicity Jones, to Jennifer Lawrence.

Anton began acting at the young age of just 9 years making his debut in the independent film, A Man is Mostly Water.

He also played the role of Jackson in A Time for Dancing, Tommy Warshaw in House of D, Milo in Delivering Milo as well as Jacob Clarke in the Taken miniseries.

In 2006, Anton also starred in a guest role in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where he plays a boy’s who falls in love with this teacher.

In 2001, he was recognized widely for his role in Hearts of Atlantis as Bobby Garfield which won him the 2002 Young Artists Awards’ Best Performance in a Feature Film (Leading Young Actor).

His other memorable role in the television industry was as Nathan Harris in Criminal Minds as a disturbed yet good-hearted teen.

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He is best known for playing the character of the Russian Whizkid, Pavel Chekov in the new Star Trek movie franchise.There is no record of the actor confirming his sexuality.Whatever the case, the world has lost Yelchin far too soon and he was a truly great actor. Here, David Duchovny, actor Robin Williams and actor Anton Yelchin attend the "House Of D" film premiere at Loews Lincoln Square Theater April 10, 2005 in New York City. He took his own life and the world became a little bit dimmer.In 2008, Anton starred in Charlie Bartlett, playing the role of a wealthy teenager in a public high school. He also starred as a younger Kyle Reese in Terminator: Salvation in the same year.In the same year, Anton also appeared in a Russian movie with the pop duo t. In 2011, Anton played Charlie Brewster in the Fright Night remake as well as voicing for Clumsy Smurf in both the animated Smurfs movies.

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