Arabella stuart portait dating 1610

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To the north, Elizabeth’s third cousin James VI waited with ill-concealed impatience to become king in England and rumours that he might be shunted to one side to make way for his and Elizabeth’s gorgeous mutual cousin, Arbella Stuart, did nothing to calm his nerves.

During one opening of Parliament, the Queen nearly collapsed beneath the weight of her robes.

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He is the author of the wonderful ‘Confessions of a Ci-Devant’ historical blog, and a number of fiction and non-fiction books, including ‘An Illustrated Introduction to the Tudors‘. I cannot say exactly why the portrait of an aging Elizabeth I keeps me so enthralled.

It dates from about 1610, seven years after the Queen’s death at Richmond, and it shows a fading Elizabeth flanked on either side by the only two enemies she could not defeat, Death and Old Father Time.

It’s all there – the slender frame, the dark Boleyn eyes, the Beaufort nose and the Tudor-York colouring.

He came for this extraordinary lady on 24th March 1603.

She had been comforted almost to the last by her loyal archbishop of Canterbury and she would not hear prayers in the hope of her recovery.

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