Are kian lawley and andrea russett dating

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Kian is unquestionably among the most common online celebrities with over 3million readers on his own You Tube station superkian13 and more than 2. He’s won Teen Choice awards in Teen Choice Award for Choice You Tuber class.

Going towards his private life, he had been dating fellow You Tube celebrity Andrea Russett. it’s super important to realize, nothing good comes easy.

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My heart is reserved for one girl and one girl only. Kian: we went to Maggiano to meet her parents JC: why??????? YOU ARE READING Fanfiction A Kian Lawley & Franny Arrieta fanfiction Is she the one i'm looking for? I've been searching for the one and didnt realise it's infront of me the whole time. I sit down there not interested anymore about today. Can we start to the point what's happening here? Andrea: Kian, you're not doing anything today.

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