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The South Carolina Department of Corrections has petitioned to end inmates' ability to use mobile communication devices inside prisons, BBC reported, a policy change that gained momentum in April after prisoners used contraband cell phones to coordinate a riot that left seven inmates dead.

OCSE-AT-86-02 January 8, 1986 SUBJECT: Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity TO: STATE AGENCIES ADMINISTERING CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT PLANS UNDER TITLE IV-D OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT AND OTHER INTERESTED INDIVIDUALS REGULATION REFERENCE: 32 CFR Part 584 ATTACHMENT: Attached are final regulations issued by the U. Army Community and Family Support Center, Department of Defense, containing the Department of the Army's support, custody and paternity policies and information on garnishment and involuntary allotments for payments of support under a court order. 608-99] Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity AGENCY: U. (viii) Take appropriate action against soldiers who fail to comply with this regulation.

This certification can be made because the regulation affects only individuals. In answering this correspondence, the commander will- (A) Furnish complete details regarding nonsupport complaints, child custody complaints, and paternity claims.

605(b), the regulations, therefore, are exempt from the initial and final regulatory flexibility analyses requirements of sections 603 and 604. (See 584.2(g)(4).) (iv) Answer all correspondence received from CG, USACFSC and other DA officials.

SUMMARY: This rule gives the Department of the Army's support, custody, and paternity policies and information on garnishment and involuntary allotments for payment of support under a court order. It provides a listing of administrative and punitive actions that may be taken against an Army soldier for failure to comply with the requirements of Army Regulation 608-99. Army Regulation 608-99 applies to the Regular Army, the U. Army Reserve (USAR) on active duty, active duty for training, or official active duty for training (30 days or more duration), and the Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS) on active duty, active duty for training, or special active duty for training under title 10, U. Also, point out actions taken or contemplated to correct instances of nonsupport of family members or continuing violations of court orders.

Army Community and Family Support Center (DACF-IS-PA), Room 468, Hoffman I, 2461 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22331-0522. Brokaw, (202) 325-8951 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: 32 CFR Part 584 is added to show the Department of the Army's support, custody, and paternity policies. (vi) Inform the first level field grade commander of all instances of the soldier's repeated failure to meet the requirements of this regulation or to comply with court orders.

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Exorbitant purchases or financial commitments on an E-1 or E-2 salary often leaves bank accounts, much like the areas of the brain coordinating these decisions, shockingly vacant.Once the soldiers wire the cash, a runner, who authorities have since identified as the operation’s “money mule,” receives the transfer and deposits the funds into a JPay account, a payment processing system used by inmates.JPay also oversees distribution of South Carolina’s costly prison tablet services, the report said, so the inmates can directly apply the “sextorted” money to funding the online scheme from inside the prison’s walls.That was the case this week when Army officials and South Carolina law enforcement revealed that young soldiers have allegedly been getting duped into funneling cash to prison inmates following text message exchanges featuring nude photos of women the soldiers believed they were conversing with, according to a U. Army Criminal Investigation Command warrant obtained by the BBC.The Army issued guidance for soldiers on how to avoid such scams as recently as April, but with the memo evidently falling on deaf ears, the service launched an investigation into the matter, known as “Operation Surprise Party." “Surprise” discovered the alleged “sextortion” scheme began in 2015, with prisoners posing on dating applications — primarily one called Plentyof Fish — as women in the same age bracket as the targeted soldier.

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