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Mike is a young man with short dark brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin.

In the Prologue, he wears a brown plaid shirt and a pair of jeans.

He, Ashley, Emily, Jessica, and Matt go up to the guest room wait for Hannah, and when she walks in, he convinces her to take off her blouse.

As she is unbuttoning her shirt, the rest of the group reveal themselves to her just as Sam walks in the room warning her too late, and a humiliated Hannah runs out of the room.

He first appears when he scares Emily, his ex-girlfriend, and Matt, her new boyfriend, after they walk across the bridge outside the lodge.

With a narcissistic streak, there's no denying that he likes the attention that comes with being the man who stands up and can get things done.

Mike is first seen watching Jessica and Sam argue over their prank on Hannah.

He will later receive a black eye, a big scar beside his mouth, and can get multiple gashes across his neck.

The fingers on one of his hands may also be amputated in Chapter 5 if he decides to do so.

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