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For instance, the person who receives envelope number 13 will write a birthday message for the baby's thirteenth birthday and might say something about what a big milestone it is to become a teenager.

The cards will make special gifts for the baby throughout the years.

A few weeks before the shower, ask the mom-to-be a variety of questions about pregnancy, parenthood, and her relationship.

(Let her know it's for a shower game – you don't want her to feel blindsided at the party.)Go online to find a crossword puzzle template and fill it in with the questions and answers.

It can also be entertaining to ask for adorable quotes or embarrassing stories from the toddler years (but not too embarrassing)!

Based on that information, make up a quiz about the future parents to give your guests.

The mom-to-be can either read the cards at the end of the shower or save them for when she needs a boost. Ask the grandparents-to-be to tell you what the expecting parents were like as babies.

Include vital statistics, like date and time of birth, height, weight, and first word.

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After the shower, laminate the pages and bind them together, then give the collection to the guest of honor. If you have more than 26 guests, you can also add pages with numbers or shapes or have more than one person work on each page.Pass out blank greeting cards along with consecutively numbered envelopes to each of your guests.Instruct each guest to write a birthday card to the baby-to-be for whatever age is listed on her envelope.If the mom-to-be is a sentimental type, she'll appreciate these baby shower games and activities.The customized games feature information about the parents-to-be, and some of the activities are crafts that make adorable keepsakes.

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