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Make sure you talk to your bestie first to see how they feel about the possibility of you two dating.

Not that you need permission, but definitely consider their feelings and their point of view.

If you decide to date the guy anyway, keep your friend out of your relationship.

If you break up down the line, keep the details of the breakup to yourself.

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Chances are they know him way better than you do and could possible spare you some heartache.

Following is the Top-100 list of popular sister quotes and funny sayings.

We’ve divided it into three sections coming one by one: 1) Popular sister quotes with images 2) Funny sister quotes and sayings with images 3) Best quotes on sister’s love, friendship, relationships. Our hearts have grown closer with the passing of time. ” “Sisters, as you know, also have a unique relationship.

I can see how it would get tricky and, possibly, messy. Once I weighed the pros and cons of dating a friend’s brother, I began to see how it might not be worth all the potential drama.

I’m not saying it could never work out, but I’d have to make sure that the guy I’m interested in would definitely be worth the risk of losing a friend.

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