Blind text dating

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I mean, of course I do deserve those things, we all do, but our friends’ jobs are not to lavish us with compliments on the daily so sometimes you don’t quite know exactly what their feelings are about you in words, you only find out in actions.So thank you to George and Cameron for a lovely evening.I head over with a chuckle, amused there’s someone who’s as anal retentive about being on time as I am. He’s had quite a life, what with running his own successful photography blog and a military career and meditation training and a former life as a paparazzo and training to eat the world’s hottest pepper.But I arrive at the ramen bar, a petite spot decorated in light wood and warm yellow neon, and I look around and... I must appear confused because the host comes over and stops me. Conversation moves quickly, no awkward pauses, and we have a lot of the same interests — burlesque being one of them, which is fantastic because I never meet men who like burlesque.Sure, I say — that’s super interesting to me since I am a person who writes about photography for a living, among other things.So George acts as a go-between, setting up this date between me and Cameron.His name is Nick* and he’s an actor with own production company, and works on a lot of independent creative projects.

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It manifests in my body language, too, with my arms folded tightly in front of me.

I had a good first blind date experience, but that doesn’t always happen so I understand if it’s not for everyone.

I’m looking forward to doing it again this time, however, and I’d probably do it again in the future, too.

But really, my parents didn’t go on a whole lot of blind dates, partially because they weren’t set up on a lot of them, and partially, well, because they didn’t want to go. I’d rather just stay at home,” my father, a man of few words, says. Because while the upside of being on a blind date is a a fun, cool, new experience with a fun, cool, new person, the downside is the total opposite and the total opposite sucks.

I think about Cameron, who has agreed to go out with me for Science: being confronted with the possibility of a blind date is, I imagine, a disorienting one for a person who is not a journalist specifically tasked with taking on the endeavor.

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