Borle dating laura

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The "Show Boat" mess was nearly 15 years ago and this asshole is still obssessed with it.And he's completely lying about Rebecca Luker not being a nice person.

It's been at least a page since someone mentioned what a whore I am. If you homos were allowed to get married, I'd break up YOUR marriages, too. It's rude to be talking about them as if they were white trash and not the ones who go out nightly and take to the stage to give all of you the best performenc they can. They don't need their lifes scruntitized like they are leeches under a microscope. I think this thread is tame by datalounge standards.She wrecked her own marriage(to Gregory Jbara) when she tried to bust up the Jacoby's. They drummed her right outta Broadway and into the Canadian production of Showboat. At least until the furor died down and Jacoby went back to his wife.She and Marc Jacoby were in SHOWBOAT together, I think. Jacoby stayed in NYC, kissing his wife's ass and begging for forgiveness. I really wish the Rebecca Luker troll would stop popping in and responding to himself all the fucking time. Two to tango, Jacoby was also married, who really came onto whom, and why is she the slut and not him? So why is Angie (the lying liar who lied AND cheated AND stole somebody else's husband) the heroine of DL while Rebecca Luker has her very own troll who continues to bash years and years later, even though Becky was the one who lost out when the dust settled?He married his high school sweetheart and they had 2 boys; he dumped the wife and kids in Queens and once he started to get jobs in the business, he divorced her and pled poverty to the judge ("I'm a starving actor, your honor") to avoid paying alimony (the wife had a secretarial survival job).Danny got his way - no alimony but visitation rights - and the wife & sons had to move in with her parents to make ends meet. She gets custody of all the upcoming ingenue roles in musical theater and he gets to return to Kansas City's BBQ & Beer Dinner Theater where he'd still be performing as the third chorus boy from the right in Cameolot if his woman hadn't pulled some strings for him.

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