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It's probably one of my favorite threads on the forum (A forum I have frequented since 2005 and one that is probably the reason I am such a hardcore TK/Bflo stan. [Also, major props to TKC member Stace who added most of these. Their album, Hot Fuss [Island], is already gold, but I think it's only the beginning.

Blame that one destiny-changing night when I searched some tiny unknown band called The Killers on Google and stumbled upon this then-unofficial forum, which used to not be all private and membership-only... Anyway, it's one of my favorites because I see TK as something like my little child, which is strange, I know. And when I see other respected artists praising TK, I get this glowing feeling inside that must be how mothers feel when their children get praised by their teachers, you know? They're absolutely brilliant, and their lead singer is one of the sexiest men on the planet.

Wat.) 2005 -Morrissey of the Smiths (and just general legend, and Brandon's hero) chose Jenny Was a Friend of Mine for a June '04 compilation CD he called "Songs to Save Your Life." -Paul Anka: a Province article quoted a Rolling Stone article that mentioned BFlo if there was no Paul Anka, there would be no TK, and that he tracked him down to a Greek restaurant but Anka didn't know who he was...

"Anka says he bloody well did too know who the Killers were.

"There's a bunch of young new bands that are coming out with great new stuff now. And the music is a bit more powerful, it's a bit more aggressive."Sambora and Bryan mention New Wave throwbacks the Killers and glam-rockers Louis XIV as potential young saviors; both of those acts play loud, hook-based anthems, perfect for flicking your Bic.

2005 -Jon Bon Jovi, when asked by Interview mag what he was listening to: "I'm wide open to what's going on in rock right now-I remember somebody saying a year ago that rock music was dead, but I think things have really turned around with acts like The Killers and Jet and Damien Rice.

Stephen Morris, drummer of New Order, later said it was just a rumor started by TK. 2005 - Stephen Morris, again drummer of New Order, in NME on TK getting their name from their music video for "Crystal": "From the shelter of his Audi, Stephen jokes that The Killers are 'our Frankensteinian creation.

Actress, producer, director, fashion model34B9.5 (US) or 40 (EU)John Galliano, Christian Dior, PETA, Democracy Now! Christianity Her roles in movies like The Devil’s Advocate (1997), Mighty Joe Young (1998), and The Cider House Rules (1999), series. 2005 - Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, according to a TKC member who had a personal interaction with him: "Who the fuck is Brandon Flowers? 2005 -Oasis on 102.1 The Edge interview, when asked what good music they were listening to: "We just really like the Killers...they're great!" (Bflo and Ronnie were shocked and hurt when this quote was read to them in Much Music, apparently. 2005 -Liam Gallagher of Oasis, when asked how he felt about bands like TK citing them as an influence: "I don't ever listen to the Killers.2005More obscure or less obviously classic but still classic musicians -Alice Cooper on T4 said he loved TK and Kaiser Chiefs, and when asked to choose one of the two, chose TK.2005 -Rick Ocasek of the Cars, asked to mention one of the "million new bands out there that are phenomenal" he mentions: "I mentioned Devendra Banhart, and the Killers are good.Oh, I've always loved Interpol, and I produced a great band called Hong Kong." (And Brandon thought he didn't like them!

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