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The story starts off as a supernatural thriller—our heroes come to a small village to learn the coal-mining business, as their uncle and guardian (who in his spare time is building an airship powered by a mixture of "petrol, radium, and theolin") owns the mine.

They apparently set off a local curse (dating from Henry VIII's seizure of the monasteries) that forbids strangers in the village, but the link of this curse to subsequent events is never explained and is soon forgotten when one of them vanishes and the other is lost in a mine cave-in.

Much better written than : the paper's "News and Gossip of The Rialto" column on 7 June 1925 notes that "Martin Lewis and Evan Thomas, of London, who aquired the world rights of an Anglo Chinese play by John and Ella Scrymgeour, have sold the American rights to the International Playhouse of New York." The paper's "Theatrical Notes" for 11 September 1925 also gives the authors' names as John and Ella Scrymgeour. Thanks to Pippa Rush, her grand-daughter, we now have some hard information. Their daughter, Ella, was baptized on 17 March 1889 at St. She was soon joined by a younger brother, Allan Ian Peter Campbell Robertson, born on 26 June 1892. It is almost certainly through her acting that she was to meet her future husband Her husband to be was Charles John Scrymsour Nichol, born at St.

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Checking for information on this play we find that The International Playhouse was founded by Irma Kraft in 1925 with the object of performing plays from around the world in New York.

As soon as the action moves underground, Ms Scrymsour's deficiencies in physics become noticeable—the hero lost in the cave-in finds himself by an underground stream and throws in a piece of coal to see how deep it is!

"There was a slight splash, but no sound came to tell him that it had reached the bottom".

Kraft travelled around Europe before the first season began on 5 October 1925 buying plays and the 8 June 1925 issue of the announced that "Tsu Tsan or The Bridge of Distance" was to the International's first offering after an opening at the Morosco Theatre on 28 September). Archibald Robertson died young, aged 41 in 1896, and his widow Elizabeth found work as a postmistress and stationer in Hastings All Saints, Sussex.

The cast, announced later, was led by Ullrich Haupt, Mary Newcomb, Beryl Mercer, Stephen Wright and Ray Collins. The first part of it is a standard racist pulp adventure involving two British rogues stealing a princess and a priceless jewel from a noble Chinese family in 1873—and the second part is theosophy about the karmic consequences of this adventure in 1923. Ella was born Ella Mary Campbell Robertson in Battersea, London, on 25 December 1888, the daughter of Archibald (a bank cashier) and his wife Elizabeth (nee Shearim), who had married at St. Archibald was born in Scotland, the son of a farmer, and his wife was born in Chiswick. It is said that Ella spent some of her childhood in Oban on the west coast, abandoned by her mother to spinster uncles and aunts while she remained to London with Ella's brother. Ella became an actress and, at the age of 22, in 1911, was living with her uncle John William Shearim—a boat builder, as his father was before him—in Staines, Middlesex.

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