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It is believed that he sometimes entered the homes of future victims to unlock windows, unload guns, and plant ligatures for later use.

He frequently telephoned future victims, sometimes for months in advance, to learn their daily routines.

Only the couple in the first attack survived, alerting neighbors and forcing the intruder to flee; the other victims were murdered by gunshot or bludgeoning.

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One person, later cleared, was charged with two murders.

The cases were linked almost entirely by DNA testing, many years later.

Construction work had been ongoing near the 1979 Goleta murder scene, and a cold-case investigator contacted the developer in 2013 to identify subcontractors working at the site and obtain employment records.

He is believed to be responsible for at least three crime sprees throughout California, each of which spawned a different nickname in the press, before it became evident that they were committed by the same person.

In the Sacramento area he was known as the East Area Rapist, and was linked by modus operandi to additional attacks in Contra Costa County, Stockton, and Modesto.

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