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In 1965, Koppel spent several weeks in Selma, Alabama covering the fallout from the Edmund Pettus Bridge incident and the civil rights marches that followed.

Koppel made the shift from radio to television in 1966 when ABC News recruited him to cover the Vietnam War as a foreign television correspondent (1966-1967). to cover the Nixon presidential campaign and to serve as Miami Bureau Chief covering Latin American and Cuban affairs.

Part of these negotiations focused on Koppel's desire to establish his own production company, and in March of 1988 ABC News finalized an agreement to assist in the formation of Koppel's new venture, Koppel Communications Inc. ABC agreed to air several KCI-produced news specials and documentaries each year ( colleagues, was an award-winning program that saw the production of 11 news programs over three years (1988-1990).

Typically in a documentary format, though also including town hall debates, the programs explored in-depth many of the major events of the day.

That year also saw Koppel return for his second stint covering the State Department (1978-1980).This in-depth exploration of the modern Chinese economy has been singled-out by Koppel as one of his most satisfying documentary achievements.After 2008, Koppel remained active as a broadcaster, author and speaker, serving as a news analyst for National Public Radio, a contributor to BBC America, and a correspondent for the NBC News program (2015).Programs included examinations of the televangelist phenomenon ("The Billion Dollar Pie"), life in the Soviet Union at the end of the Cold War ("Sex in the Soviet Union"), the events of the Romanian Revolution ("Death of a Dictator"), and the Tiananmen Square uprising in Beijing ("Tragedy at Tiananmen: The Untold Story").In 2005, after twenty-five years and with nearly 6,600 episodes under his belt, Ted Koppel decided to move on from his role as anchor and managing editor on (2006-2008) productions included: "The Price of Security"; "Iran: Most Dangerous Nation"; "Our Children's Children's War"; "Living with Cancer"; "Breaking Point"; "The Last Lynching"; and a much acclaimed four-part series on China, "The People's Republic of Capitalism".

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