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Cerato goes on the attack by posting elaborate fictitious defamatory posts about your family, friends and business associates, regardless if these people know him or not.

Cerato has openly admitted to individuals, that he authors of these slanderous “The” posts enlisting the help of his Dirty Crew (Nick Bicak, Dan Campbell, Cory Gardiner) to conduct mass texting and social media Defamatory Campaigns against those who dare to out or question him and his Dirty Crew.

(Hence why Cerato changes his names so much – to hide his identity from others and distort the facts).

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I spoke to this group, commenting that I too have been victimized by Cerato in this exact manner.

Cerato laughs stating; “I know that it is all lies- I write it to cover my tracks and damage their reputations”.

The Cerato Dirty Crew want to spread as much falsehoods as possible, in order to deflect their scams from themselves.

This is the Cerato’s Dirty Crew fail safe scamming formula, and just Wash-Rinse-Repeat over and over.

Cerato likes to host Investment and Crypto Pitch Event Parties with his finance Angie Coombes as a musical distraction.

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