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And she couldn't move or cover up; all she could do was lay there and let him look. He slowly slid his cock inside her and I heard the familiar little "unh" that always comes when I first enter her. She was being fucked by two men at once and obviously loving it! We took turns fucking and sucking her the rest of the night.

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After several minutes of touching, rubbing, and sucking of her breasts, I said to Jim, "Her tits are really nice, but let me show you something truly magnificent."We moved to the foot of the bed and I again grabbed the sheet and slowly pulled it down her body.She looked down at the table and said, just as I had made her agree before we left home, "I have to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with no argument and no hesitation." I said, "Good girl," then explained to Aaron that she had lost a bet, and this was how she was paying it off. "Now, Sarah," I said, "that's not how I told you to sit, is it? " "Hey, not a bit", he said, guessing what was coming. Now open the dress and give Aaron a good look at what you were embarrassed to let him see the first time." Her eyes opened wide, and she looked across the table at me you could see the color drain from her face. " she said quickly, then slowly reached up and took hold of the sides of her dress. She was absolutely scarlet, but did as she was told. Remember that, and go back to sitting like you were, and stay that way when Aaron comes back." Still looking down at the table she shook her head. Sarah took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and slowly did as she was told. "Now, Sarah, you did what I told you to do, but it wasn't without hesitation, the way you agreed. He had already seen her breasts, but actively showing them to him was a very big step. Glancing around the room to make sure there was no one else who could see, she opened it briefly, the immediately closed it again. Do it again, but this time hold the dress open until I tell you to close it." She closed her eyes again and parted the material, letting her gorgeous tits spill out. If you are good, maybe I won't have you show him your pussy."She did as she was told, and when Aaron returned with out check he stayed and talked a few minutes and thanked us both for a very enjoyable experience."Show Aaron how you were sitting before he walked up." She hesitated and looked at me without moving, nervously biting her lip. She said, "I don't think I can do this."I replied, "Come on, Sarah. The top of her dress fell forward again and gaped open, and we could both see her breasts right down to the nipples. You are going to have to pay a penalty to remind you not to hesitate when I tell you to do something this evening. All the while he was enjoying the view of Sarah's naked tits.I went home via the interstate, and just to keep things interesting I had her unbutton the last button again.

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