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Because all of the assessments in the first two episodes are made by the judges or studio audience, it’s hard to know if the whole season was filmed in one big chunk, or if it’ll later shift to more timely production schedule.

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Little about this production seems self-aware enough to suggest its charming, interesting moments happened on purpose.

Would some celebrities only commit if they were guaranteed it’d only take up two days of their schedule? What I can tell you is that the whole thing feels like a warped, through-the-looking-glass vision of both what reality shows are and what celebrity is.

I can also guess that if you’re the sort of person who would enjoy a show where maybe-Joey Fatone dresses like a straight-jacketed version of the rabbit from , where the identity-obscuring costumes were less elaborate and the singers performed for a much larger panel of judges.

Many of the performances in the American version are about as underwhelming as Ryan Reynolds’s attempt to sing “Tomorrow,” but it’s hard to blame for that. ” the judges often conclude at the end of a performance, seemingly unaware that this makes it that much more annoying that they’re It’s hard to say how much info the judges are given from producers, or whether certain guesses have been seeded ahead of time.

The idea is that many of its competitors will not be professional singers, so when a guy with a giant pineapple on his head comes out and stands stock still while taking a wild swing at Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive,” that feels like par for the course. “In my family, anonymity is a foreign concept,” says someone dressed as an alien. Given the general tone of the picks, I have to believe that’s the case.

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