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If she was my patient, I would advise her to give her mouth a break.” But since it looks like Saulino shows no signs of stopping, what’s the thing that could happen to her jaw?Saulino said that while she feels fine and hasn’t sustained any injuries, her jaw has been a little sore after each stop on the tour. —to ask just what would happen to your jaw if you had to give oral sex all day long. Haissam Dahan, a jaw pain dentist from the Ottawa TMJ Clinic, indulged us—although he was quick to stress that, “my dental school did not teach me about the effects of repetitive oral sex on the jaw, so my answer here is purely theoretical.” Nevertheless, here’s that answer: “The oral movements that include opening, closing, sucking, and blowing all involve the same muscles in the mouth and tongue,” Dr. “Therefore doing the same movements over and over again would cause a myospasm, or a muscle cramp.So I’m not surprised that she’s complaining of jaw pain.Just message: @currency Get Sensex report of BSE, NSE, and commodity prices of Gold, Silver and Crude Oil.Just message: @stock Refresh you mood with shayaris.

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