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But that is actually the most shallow level of compatibility. A relationship isn’t going to make it to marriage without a spark of attraction and excitement.Romance will come and go, and love is certainly far more than romantic attraction.Sometimes chemistry is made or broken on the basis of how someone laughs; what their voice is like; their scent.Even the way that they eat their food can affect how attractive you find someone, far more than the way that they look in photos. Think about how nerve-wracking a first date can be, especially when you think you’re really going to like the other person.But the Bible teaches that the union of life in other areas culminates in physical union.That’s why physical attraction is part of the equation.You never know, you might end up making a new friend who can introduce you to new people.Believe it or not, I’ve actually had a couple of really interesting dates, where I’ve just started chatting about my dating experiences with my dates.

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I’ve always tried to plan my dates around activities that I wanted to do any way – exhibitions, shows, museums and festivals, for example.But if you do, you will spare yourself many potential headaches in the years to come.If I had a pound for every time someone told me about their worst date ever, only to explain that they just didn’t fancy the other person then I’d probably be pretty rich by now!Right now, you feel more comfortable in a relationship which provides a sense of not knowing from day to day where you stand in love.If your home life was filled with drama and instability, you will gravitate towards men who bring that element to the relationship.

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