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"Roy is called back to Star City to help resolve an urgent matter with high stakes for the team.

His short visit turns into something surprising when he reunites with Thea and sparks a change in both of their lives that will have long-lasting consequences..." As fans know, there are a few "urgent matters" for Team Arrow this season.

Colton Lee Haynes (born July 13, 1988) is an American actor and model .

He is known for his starring role as Jackson Whittemore in the MTV supernatural drama series Teen Wolf and as Roy Harper / Arsenal in the CW superhero television series Arrow.

In late March 2019, Haynes spoke publicly about his experience with alcohol and drug addiction, stating, "In 10 years, there were maybe 25 days I didn't drink.

In 2012, Colton Haynes decided to tap into his prowess as a singer and started by appearing in music videos like Leona Lewis’s The actor is one of those who had a hard time facing who they really are in terms of sexuality.

Before he made his sexual orientation public, Haynes went through bouts of anxiety which lasted for years.

Read on for all the lesser-known deets about the American model, actor, singer.

The Teen Wolf star was born as Colton Lee Haynes on July 13, 1988.

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