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To be user friendly across sectors within the UK and across countries in the EU, servers and gateways need to be as simple as possible, so that they attract maximum use. Another concern of any subject-based server and gateway is that of cognate subjects, and discussion is in progress with sites which might offer resource discovery in theology, philosophy, art history and archeology.

This passed its initial review, but seems to have failed at the final fence.Additional funds from JISC have allowed History to comply with the ROADS project on classification technology and to lay the basic foundations of a resource discovery service. It is to be hoped that JISC will continue to provide sufficient funds to ensure national uniformity across the various subject and faculty-based servers and gateways in the UK, so consolidating the clear lead that this country has been giving to the rest of Europe and most of the world. Its history is now in its address ( and at its launch it was surrounded by more recent information services offered by the Public Record Office, the British Library, the Royal Commission for Historical Manuscripts, the Royal Commission for Historical Monuments of England, and the Arts and Humanities Data Service.The Historical Association also has its own site at uk.

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