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I wanted it to be sexy and fun, but also informative, and to feel like you were sitting in on a conversation with dear friends.

I took the idea to my friend Bethany Landing who is an accomplished producer, and asked her to help me bring it to life.

I need to know that a person I’m dating is actually compatible with my whole life, and my little one is a major part of that. What was your favorite episode or topic to talk about on the show?

I keep the knowledge of who I’m dating out of my daughter’s experience unless I think I will be committing to the person, and that they will be around for a while. Is there a topic that you wanted to discuss that hasn’t come up yet, if so, what is it?

I also think visibility is important, especially among people of color.

If you're dating, but you're still not in her top friends what does that mean?

I tend to date really private people, which is interesting since I’m so open. I was looking on She Wired for Cherry Bomb episodes for 2011 and I didn’t see any (I could have missed them, the search engine on the site isn’t the best, lol), is the show going to come out with new episodes? Outside of Cherry Bomb, what else are you working on? I’m a published poet, and I’m recording some of my pieces.

She was uncomfortable about any specifics coming up, so I found ways to talk about issues, without indicating her specifically. We have filmed new episodes for season 5, they just haven’t been released yet. I working with this wonderful guitarist Lelani Mekenzie, who is composing pieces to go with my poems.

She’s known that I date women since before she really knew what dating or romantic love were. Both me and her father have never presented my sexuality to her as an issue, and she’s never seen it as one.

Being a mother for sure plays a role in how I date.

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