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I have tried to get various combinations of setting parameters and update commands to work, but the Database is not getting updated from the new Data Table values. I am hoping someone can tell me what it is I am doing wrong/missing, or what is the correct path to take.I have stepped through the code with each change and can see that the Data Table is getting the new textbox values, but those updates aren’t going to the Database. Is there a "best practice" or a better way to do this?Row Updated = new Sql Row Updated Event Handler(Adapter Row Updated); And here is the event handlerprivate void Adapter Row Updated(object sender, Sql Row Updated Event Args e) Now when you Update the database all your rows will have the same IDs. Add(Parent FK); If you are merging 2 databases together I would recommend following the same steps above for the second database. Tables["Child Table"]); Now just check the destination database and everything should be there.This wouldn't be a problem if you were only updating 1 table but when you have child tables that need the same value you will run into issues. Here is where you add the event handler Parent Adapter.

Before we do we need to setup an event handler for updating the Identity column in each row when it gets written back to the database. The database has an Identity field and a Foregn Key constraint. This is done so that when we update the ID column for a row that ID gets propagated to any row within the child tables that contain the same Identity. Any new data should be marked as Added so the Adapter will Insert it into the database when you perform the Update.

are iterated over and each parameter variable in the update statement is replaced with the value for that parameter. Event Args e) private void da_Row Updating(object sender, Sql Row Updating Event Args e) object.

Single quote delimiters are added around the string values. The solution delimits the string values for the Category Name and Description fields in the Categories table from the Northwind database used in this example.

I am trying to update a database with info from a Win Form.

I had no issues when using a “normal” SQL update command written by hand (parameters set to the text box values,) but I am trying to clean up and reduce my code and I thought I would bind the controls to a Data Table and use a Data Adapter's update command to achieve the same thing.

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