Dating addict recovery

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The non- addict wants to believe everything they hear because they are perhaps blinded by love or have an overwhelming need to care for the addict and control their recovery process (codependency).

Manipulation comes in many guises as you may, for example get a phone call in the middle of the night pretending to miss you and need to see you but they really just need attention and confirmation of your concern for them!

Addicts in early recovery are masters at making you feel bad about yourself; even to the point of questioning your own sanity!

Manipulation can go on for years and even though you suspect that you are the victim of this you may well feel ‘powerless’ to change this or set an essential boundary.

Some of the common signs of intoxication include: According to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, “If a person shows a combination of several signs, or has a sudden change in behavior, that could be a strong indication that the person is intoxicated.” However, one of the stronger signs of addiction is when the individual you are dating seems to be intoxicated constantly.

They might also go outside or to the bathroom often when you are out together in order to use, which is another sign that they cannot control their substance abuse.

Addicts in early recovery get stressed quickly, over-emotional, moody, demanding and sometimes overbearing.

If the partner is also an addict they are at constant risk of relapse!Al-Anon meetings are designed for people living with an addict – Without understanding the recovery process, you could make others resent you by always questioning them instead of supporting them.Rehab gradually teaches addicts to deal with and cope with their daily lives again and as a partner, you can respect and help them but you cannot ‘carry’ the addict and do everything for them or you will make yourself unwell.Drugs are so powerful and addicts feel they need them to function so when they stop taking drugs they tend to look for a ‘fix’ elsewhere and usually within a relationship.Manipulation in relationships of this nature is extremely common as you will always hear what you want to hear and promises of behaviour change becomes something that doesn’t mean much anymore.

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