Dating after double mastectomy

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"I've been on Tinder for a while, but I've come across this [behaviour] before on other platform and even in real life too."It just so happens that this is really personal to me and I went into a lot of detail about what I've been through. "I don't want Jared to treat another woman or girl like that every again.The cancer following the death of your husband must have been very hard to bear, and I do hope that you had friends and other family members to support you through your fears at each stage.But, with the loss of your breast, you damaged – I'm not going to say "lost" because I think you can recover it – your sense of yourself as a whole woman, confident, lovable and desirable.And the brave woman also supported both her mother and aunt in their battles with cancer in previous years - so she knows the signs to look out for.She hopes to use the experiences she's had to educate women on the warning signs - as well as to help them understand what breast cancer entails.I like to think he would have coaxed you into bed as soon as you were physically fit and showed you, by his desire and your response, that it is perfectly possible to pick up your life as a sexual being, even though a bit of you is missing.

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" In other news, a woman revealed how she hid away and refused to kiss her husband after growing a beard during her pregnancy.

I feel so bad about my appearance and even have a bath in the dark.

I have asked for a reconstruction of my right breast and pray this will take place. I am so sad on my own but dare not take the chance of rejection. I feel very sorry that you are sad and that you feel so bad about yourself that you even take baths in the dark to avoid looking at yourself.

I don't want his mum to be treated like that, his sister or his future daughter.

"I want people to see that this is something women deal with on a daily basis.

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