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Many of the Para Ordnance guns will take our standard Colt sets.

Para Ordnance P10 will take our CA01 set Para Ordnance P12 will take our CA09 set Para Ordnance P13 will take our CA10 set Para Ordnance P14 will take our CA01 set The limited and dovetail front versions are custom installations, which can be done at Trijicon produces night sights and also acts as an original equipment manufacturer (O. M.) by performing tritium lamp installations for many other sight companies and firearms manufacturers.

Trijicon offers the choice of yellow or orange lamps in the rear sight only.

We always keep the front sight green because it is the brightest and longest lasting of the colored tritium.

Beretta cut its price to the “bare bones” price of 8.50, way down from the street price of 0 civilians paid, while Sig Sauer cut from 0 to 6.33. By January 1989, the first Sig Sauer handguns were in the hands of SEALs.

While the Sig was the cheaper handgun, it also quoted higher costs for magazines and spare parts, boosting the overall cost of the acquisition. Although Sig had failed to win the grand prize, the company still received a fairly prestigious consolation prize.

In the competition between the Beretta 92 SB-F and Sig Sauer P226, both rated very well, and a gun owner and enthusiast can justify buying either firearm.

The lesson here, however, is that when large inventories of guns are involved, minor statistical differences can have a noticeable effect.

The contestants, including Beretta’s The Beretta and the Sig Sauer guns were both similar in specification.Later, Beretta and Sig Sauer wound become the two finalists. An incident at the counterterrorism unit Seal Team Six, in which a slide cracked and injured the shooter, uncovered a problem with the slides.The Army eventually picked the Beretta as the winner of the competition, later designed the M9, apparently on cost grounds—the Italian company’s total bid was three million less than their Swiss-German competitors. The problem was corrected by Beretta, but the SEALs went looking for a new handgun regardless and settled on the P226.Had the Army picked the right handgun, and should the contract have gone to the Sig Sauer P226? The bulk of handguns in Pentagon service were Colt M1911A1 pistols in .45 ACP dating to World War II and lacking modern features, such as a high capacity magazine and ease of disassembly, while the Air Force relied on worn-out Smith & Wesson handguns bought in the 1960s.Established in 1979, the Joint Service Small Arms Program (JSSAP) set out to select a single handgun for all the armed services.

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