Dating chevy delivery trucks

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Model numbers have changed many times over the years, just about every time GMC did a body change they changed the model numbers, so you can't go by what we have today for what was done in the past.I'm no expert on what GMC has done over the years, but I have done a lot of research on the 1960-1966 GMC trucks, here is what I have found.In the 1960s the BIG back window was an option costing about .00, and it was called a "Full Rear Window" in the GMC Dealer handbook.The Grilles on GMC trucks of this generation remained the same for the seven years.They are the dual headlight design with the light assemblies housed in pods.

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GMC 1000 can be Short bed or long bed, will have 6 lugs on the wheels, 1960-1962 will have torsion bar front suspension, and coil rear.Other chrome trim options offer in addtion to the custom cab at extra cost are; RPO 0148 Bright Metal Moldings, Front fenders and cab, not available with panel, includes RPO 0149.RPO 0149 pickup side moldings, for use on Wide Side pickups, Includes Fender moldings RPO 0148.1963-1966 will be coil front suspension with leaf in the rear.Can be 4 wheel drive model also, which would have leaf springs on all four corners.

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