Dating colleagues company policy dating a hispanic guy

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We may terminate those who repeatedly disregard this restriction.

Employees who enter in an official relationship with another employee after they’re both hired by our company should follow the rules outlined above.

This rule may be less strict in cases when managers enter into a consenting relationship with an employee from another team or department.

When this happens, they must inform HR as soon as possible.

This employee fraternization policy template is ready to be tailored for your company’s needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your employment policies.

Our Fraternization policy outlines our guidelines on employees forming personal relationships with each other.

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This might bring about questions of favoritism in the hiring process.

HR is responsible for determining appropriate penalties.

Employees are also obliged to behave appropriately towards their colleagues who date each other.

Friendships allow for a more collaborative environment, but they might also occasionally create cliques and fragmentation inside departments.

This policy does not restrict participating in labor unions or other labor or civil rights organizations.

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