Dating etiquette in colonial times

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Are we actually way more puritanical now than we were then?

” First, prostitutes were never the vast majority of women in colonial America.

I now am willing to tackle things that I wouldn’t have tried before because I think I can. He’s there to help me set things right without shaming me for making the effort.

She believed that I should have as much of a childhood as possible and not have to tote and fetch to supply for my father’s deficiencies in home maintenance.

She also believed that I should read as much as possible so that I would never have to do manual labor.

I just realized how strange that sequence of posts was. His repairs didn’t look great, but damn, he’d never have to do that repair again. I didn’t learn anything about fixing things from observing him, though I did learn how to make people leave.

However, I ask you, is there really a good way to transition between historic episodes of beastiality in colonial New England and painting one’s bathroom? My mom — being equal to any task and an intelligent farm woman — did most of everything that needed to be done in a timely fashion.

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