Dating for a year advice

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(The universities were on strike, très French.) By fall, I was back at college, anxiously counting down the days until I would be 21, like all of my friends.

Back then, my "love" life was a consistent rotation of classic DFMOs, nights spent with my college dry hump buddy of years, and the fall-asleep-spooning-a-chicken-finger move I grew so fond of.

"If you really want to start a relationship off right, show that you're interested. Once games begin, they never end and someone always loses in a game," says dating expert John Keegan.

I personally spent far too many years trying to be the "cool girl" — it never works.

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"It is not how long you wait before you move on and look for love again — it is how effectively you used that time to get brave enough to examine yourself psychologically," says Dr. Treating dates like a way of gathering information about yourself and what you want and don't want "allows you to de-emphasize the other person and empower yourself," says behavioral scientist Clarissa Silva.

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At 20 years young, I was indulging in a Parisian spring for "study" abroad.

Here are 10 pieces of dating advice that you should hear by the time you're 20."Choose a [partner] who values communication and likes sharing [their] feelings," says dating expert Evan Marc Katz.

If you want a partner who will text you back and not leave you hanging, don't settle for someone who is only playing games.

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