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oh no, they want to share what they know with whoever they can!

Ultimately, if you can get over their nervousness, chaotic energies, and apparent indecisiveness, you’ll find these creatures make some fascinating mates, never serving up a dull moment!

Where there are extremes and opposites, it is there you can find yourself a Gemini, trying to decide which end of the scale he wants to take up at the time.

Not to worry, after experiencing one extreme, you’ll find your Gemini ready to sample its opposite extreme and within short order.

Think about the Gemini Man and his propensity for the extremes… you just landed the perfect lover to suit your needs!

Bet you had no idea you were dating a paradox, huh?

Welcome to Truly Free Gemini Dating Site for all the Gemini Single Men & Women.

Meet single Geminis in your local area at Gemini Friends (100% Free)Meet fellow Geminis who are more practical, eager to learn, & will absorb knowledge like a sponge.

Our Gemini Friends Date website is Legitimate to use for Personal Dating, Social Networking, Fun, Emotional Support and Romance.The Gemini’s key phrase is “I think,” and this is because he is all about feeding his brain.You know those people who seem to have bits and bytes of the most remote trivia ever, and if you were to play Trivial Pursuit with them, you would lose?These creatures have spent their entire life absorbing everything they can, so intense is their appreciation for learning.He appreciates lectures, schooling, special activities after school, study groups, libraries, bookstores, watching the news, reading the newspaper: Anything allowing him to absorb knowledge.

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