Dating in high school vs college

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If you're past the age of 15, you've probably dated someone in some kind of way.

By this, I mean at this young of an age your parents are still driving you place to place, you get a little bit older and somehow our generation came up with "talking" to someone as a way of dating before actually dating them. Everyone dates differently, some are the same and some go through stages of trying to figure out who they want to date.

Either way you chose, there is no wrong time to date.

Everyone has an opinion on it and even some parents will put a time limit on their kids on when they can begin dating.

In high school, everyone already knows one another and their families but now it's hard to learn to trust people you don't know anything about. You have money to take one another out and have time to do so.

For anyone who has a child is in this situation, even under the best of circumstances, there will be some rough times ahead.

My middle son starting dating his high school girlfriend when they were seniors and I watched their relationship blossom over the course of the year.

Dating is something to be cherished and hopefully taken seriously.

Some people date casually, others date seriously for marriage.

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