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Gynecologists offer additional methods of contraception, such as injections, and even though you can purchase them at any pharmacy, a visit to the doctor is recommended.There are lots of gynecologists in Bulgaria and it’s extremely easy to find one.The other massive difference is the lack of respect for personal space.If you’re used to having your 1m diameter personal space you can forget about it – no Bulgarian will ever understand this concept.There are two well-known chains of groceries around Bulgaria (Lilly’s and DM), which offer some really good products as well, including intimate wet tissues – a real life-saver when a woman is on the go!Condoms are sold absolutely everywhere in Bulgaria including supermarkets, petrol stations, small local stores, etc.Everything that pokes them in the eyes however, they’ll moan about, criticize and discriminate against.

All pharmacies sell a vast selection of both local and imported products and everything can be bought without a prescription.There are several mosques around Bulgaria (a vestige from the time when the country was occupied by the Ottoman empire) where women are not allowed.Besides there, women are more than welcome everywhere else and often don’t even pay entrance fees at night clubs.There’s a group of women in Bulgaria, who are called “buns.” This is supposed to describe a type of girl with fillers in her lips, a boob job, perfectly straight hair and a ton of make up.They are easily recognizable as all “buns” look just like the local pop folk singers and are pretty much the same.

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