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Actually, no, I definitely broke up with her because she’s white.

I think I broke up with my last girlfriend because she’s white.

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Let’s have a look at reality, and I will give you my experience as a married man of just over eighteen years.The term ‘making out’ referred to how far a male could get his girlfriend to ‘give him’ physically, sex became an object of gratification and a challenge, rather than a representation of total commitment to one person in a lifelong and committed relationship most fully expressed in marriage.This cheapening of sexual expression, and indeed love, has caused many couples to make sex an object for their own use - a channel of ‘feeling’ rather than a value, and to feel somehow inferior without sex in any level of relationship.Successful relationships do not force a person who is not ready to give something precious to them.If you are emotionally blackmailing your partner, saying that you love them just so they can give you sex, trying to squeeze every bit of goodness from them, or forcing them to reluctantly indulge you in your own fantasies, then no relationship you enter into will last. You don’t know how to love a partner unconditionally. In this article, it states that a Newsweek poll discovered married couples have sex around 65 times a year.

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