Dating minors in arizona

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Foster Care is a temporary living situation for children, provided by the state of Arizona, when it has been determined that parents cannot care for their children safely.

The placement of children can be with approved relatives/kin, or foster families that have been licensed by DCS.

The Records Coordinator will provide periodic updates to requestors letting them know the status of their request.

Law enforcement agencies statewide are critical partners in protecting children; they ensure that perpetrators of child abuse or neglect are held accountable for the harm they cause to children.

Information protected by state or federal law cannot be released.Adoption is the legal process transferring parental rights from one set of parents to another.When in foster care, the birth parents’ rights are terminated and the adoptive parents are granted parental rights of the child.Requests may be emailed, faxed or mailed as indicated on the contact us page.The more information you provide with your request, the faster the Department will be able to respond to your request.

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