Dating now ep1

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In 2015, when Lazarus Liu moved home to China after studying logistics in the United Kingdom for three years, he quickly noticed that something had changed: Everyone paid for everything with their phones.

At Mc Donald’s, the convenience store, even at mom-and-pop restaurants, his friends in Shanghai used mobile payments.

He booked doctors’ appointments there, skipping the chaotic lines for which Chinese hospitals are famous.

He added friends in Alipay’s built-in social network.

Seasons two through four all saw the season premiere air on History in the USA in February of their respective years.

If Vikings season six were to revert to this time frame, episode one could air in February 2020.

He started making his car insurance payments with the app.

But has episode one of Vikings season six been given a release date?

Here are all the clues to suggest when Vikings series six will start.

Vikings season six could air as early as November 2019 should show bosses follow the same schedule as the fifth series.

HOW TO WATCH VIKINGS SEASON 6 ONLINEThe season six promo which aired at the end of Ragnarok did provide some hope Vikings fans may not be left waiting too long for another series.

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