Dating online stories

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After getting settled into my new place with my daughters, I decided to try my hand at online dating in the big city. He noticed this and apologized, saying that he thought he got the point across that he was a nudist.

I had GREAT conversation with a man we’ll call Jim. He drove a daily route from Atlanta to the port in Savannah. I couldn't help but laugh - either from nervousness or just because I walked into a room to find a stranger butt ass naked.

Ok so she’s a whore but you’re not for fucking around? I told him I'm a pretty open person and thought that was not a big deal.

Are you sure she “left you” or did she just get tired of your cheating? After they get divorced, he tells me how he had two NJPs (non-judicial punishments) one for assault and one for sexual harassment. I excuse myself to the bathroom after a little while to freshen up. I ended up inviting him over to my one bedroom apartment - it was about 4 in the afternoon.

I ask if we can swing back by my apt since it is on the way, he says sure, and asks to use the bathroom. He started by telling me how his family is in and out of prison for drugs and his mom and dad want nothing to do with him.

So I call my roommate to warn her, and bring him up. He says hey I am going to change the sheets on the bed stay out here, so I put on some music and am entertaining myself. It was a little heavy for the first date but I don’t have the most functional family so I can empathize.

He started getting mad and complained about having to pay for the date (I drove an hour to see him so I don’t really feel all that sorry for him). So a little background-I’m a 33 year old single mom from a small town in Kentucky. As I walked back into the dining room, I nearly dropped the cup of coffee that I was carrying out.

Then he got angrier when I didn’t respond and told me I was a slut who was only interested in hooking up, which didn’t make sense but ok then. I moved to Atlanta to find out if the big city was for me. There he was, stark fucking naked standing in my living room. I didn't even know how to react or what to say and he sensed my hesitation.

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He only had a couple pics, and a cute face, but he was always wearing a hat. I was surprised I found someone I wanted to meet so quickly. And not only did he take me to the mall, he took me to Barnes and Noble. He just kept going through books, like actually reading chapters.About a half hour in, I got a text from a name I didn’t immediately recognize asking if we were still on for brunch.This poor, poor girl - let’s call her Rosa - had indeed made plans with me earlier in the week.So three days later he shows up to pick me up, and I meet him outside my apt. He ended up being shorter than I am (at 5'4" that's uncommon) with a belly, and wearing a hat despite it not even being cold. Now don't get me wrong, I did admit to loving to read. So I am trying my best to be open minded, just going through the sci fi section and finding all my favorites and showing them to him, trying to use this as a way to connect. Eventually, after 2 hours, he's like let's go walk. He asks if I want to shower after I recover for a few, and I say sure. I tiptoe around all the hair abd get in the shower, just hoping to rinse the sweat off, already planning on what to say to get out of there, call an uber and go home in a nice way.And having a LOT of facial hair that was in none of his photos, including those he supposedly took of himself the previous day. So we walk and he is like oh I need to get my grandma a candle. After, I am drenched in sweat myself bc I rode for like an hour at least. I go into his bathroom, and there is BODY HAIR EVERYWHERE. Then he comes into the shower too, and in the full light of the bathroom, his hairy body is soooooo much worse. I realize slowly that I was so horny (no alcohol or drugs or anything) that I had sex for 2 hours with a hairy bald man probably 3 feet from a fucking python the whole time without even noticing. My brain at this point exploded, and I barely remember getting out of there.

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