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I’m wondering what other people have tried and have found works.20s man here. I liked the platform and as a guy who looks good enough for reality but not good enough for tinder, the ability to make a profile and message someone "unsolicited" is really all I require.Like all dating for straight men, it's a numbers game though.I have used apps, such as Tinder, Yellow, Hot or Not, but to no avail have I actually met anyone on there who is actually serious.I only really started using dating websites like Eharmony, Oasis Active, Po F, Okc and RSVP last year. I had that application for a few days and no success on it.The creeps and sleazes outnumber the decent guys by a fair amount to the point where it’s not worth wading through the crap hoping I find a guy I might actually be interested in.You may have luck and it might not be an opinion shared by others, but for me I just not interested in Tinder.Some people love Tinder's simplicity, while others hate it.But when it comes to dating apps, the sheer number of potential matches makes Tinder difficult to ignore.

Every day at noon guys and LGBTQ members receive a few matches that are tailored to them based on considerations like social network and interests.

Tinder is the app that brought the "swipe right" formula into the mainstream.

Here's how it works: rather than complete complicated questionnaires and detailed profiles to find your matches, you simply upload some photos of yourself, a bit of a bio and a preferred age and distance radius for potential matches.

Available on: Google Play, App Store Does swiping on a tonne of profiles sound like too much work for you?

It can get laborious, particularly if you get lots of matches who never both to send a message.

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