Dating strong successful women

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Yangki’s Answer: You’re right, this question has been asked so many times, but lately, I’ve begun to wonder if we are asking the wrong question hence the wrong answers. Masculine and feminine energies should not be confused with biological make-up (male or female) or social gender roles (man or woman).

Masculine and feminine energies operate on a gender neutral (some say spiritual) level.

Men and women have been catching up to this “wholeness” way of being and embracing their duality of (feminine and masculine) energies and in the process finding inner balance of both energies.

What’s happening now is that men with a healthy balance of both masculine and feminine energies are drawn to and attracted to women with a healthy balance of both energies.

But as we all know, most “successful” women put up with a lot to get to where they are, and men who can’t carry their own weight soon or later remind them of the same type of “powerlessness” they (women) lived with for so many years.

And for these men, they often find that living with a “successful” woman is no “ready made paradise” because she wants a man who is equally “strong and successful”. Women are still stuck in the “old days” of “all feminine” women and “all masculine” men are finding it harder and harder to find “all masculine” men.

Women who’ve worked so hard to develop their masculine energy in order to be successful in a male dominated environment and in the process neglected nurturing their feminine energy are not attractive to men who have not done their own inner balancing of energies (masculine only men).

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It is a huge loss for our romantic interactions – how we connect and relate as male and female, man and woman That said, let’s be real.

As our collective universal conscious rises, “all masculine” type of men are fewer and fewer.

And even women who find themselves with the “all masculine” man, when they look at couples where the man has a healthy balance of both masculine and feminine energies, they feel like they’re missing something in their own relationship. Balanced Energies in a suit driving the latest coolest car in the morning and washing dishes and giving kids a bath at night.

The ones drawn to the “feminine me” are the Alpha Male macho type guys that just don’t do a thing for me. I’m also not attracted to men who have no drive or desire to be successful.

My question is why is it so hard for a strong and successful woman to find a strong and successful man?

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