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Ehinolophm minor (parti m, nec Horsf.) Dobson, ut supra.

Tliis may account, partly at least, for the essentially difierent concisions on many points at which I have arrived.

') 297 Exhibition of two tusks from Abyssina 297 SCHEIIIIEN, Henrv, F. Exhibition of hnitern-slides of, and remarks upon, old pictures of Anthi*opoid Apes 298 Sc LATER, Philip Lutlby, M. 1 also have to acknowledge the kind tissistance of Mr. Miller, Jr., who sent me for inspection almost all the Indo- Malayan Rhinolophi preserved in the United States National Museum, including many new and interesting forms, part of wliich will be dealt with below.

Exhibition of specimens of a rare Marsupial {Dacty- pulpato? I shall feel satisfied if my paper is considered of some use as a basis for further investigations. Oldfield Thomas for entrusting mo with a revision of these Bats, for giving me unlimited access to the recently acquired, still unregistered specimens in the British Museum, especially those of the large and important “Tomes Collection,” and also for having favoured me with much valuable information dmring the progress of my work.

Remarks on the supposed Clavicle of the Sauropodous Dinosaur Dwlodocus.

Rej Kwt on the Additions to the Soi^iety’s Menagerie during ilio months of June, July, August, September, and Octobei* 1905 295 Col.

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