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We combine ‘on-fault’ trench observations of slip on the Polochic fault (North America-Caribbean plate boundary) with a 1200 years-long ‘near-fault’ record of seismo-turbidite generation in a lake located within 2 km of the fault.

However, observations conducted at the site before the opening of the trenches failed to detect any topographic discontinuity C dating indicates that sedimentation has been fairly uniform over the past 5–7 centuries throughout the floodplain, at a rate of 2–4 mm/y (Additional information, Table S1-2).

2)., 6: cities damaged around 830 CE, 7: hot springs, 8: sulfate-rich springs.

Inset: location of the study area along the Caribbean-North American plate boundary.

The most recent major destructive earthquake on the plate boundary occurred in Haiti in 2010 CE, as a M study of recent fault slip with a near-fault record of ground shaking-induced turbidites in a lake (seismo-turbidites or seismites).

Combining both methods informs the paleoseismic behavior of the plate boundary over a millennial timescale.

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