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The better we get to know Hunt, the more confidently we will remain in Rome, waiting to welcome him when he eventually reaches us.Dave Hunt is the author most recently of A Woman Rides the Beast: The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days, which expounds the classically Protestant thesis that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon portrayed in Revelation 17, something we've been hearing for over four centuries.Catholic hearts left unmoved by a stripped-down American Catholicism are reportedly being moved by lively evangelical congregations, and Catholic minds left uninstructed by woolly or dissenting catechizers are offered sharp lessons by such as Dave Hunt in his speeches and widely selling books. Hunt's explicit anti-Catholicism speaks forthrightly the tacit anti-Catholicism so often encountered in the American Catholic Church today.This article, I hope, will suggest that the clarity of vision offered by Hunt is specious, and that if Hunt could but see more clearly he might realize that his soundest spiritual instincts and best ecclesiological insights put him, too, on the road to Rome.They may even walk in and discover Hunt on the piano.On occasion, they join his sit-down winemaker’s dinner at the winery where a local chef is brought in to create multiple-course pairings for his wines — the next one is Oct. After dinner, Hunt takes his place in the spotlight.

When the Mass is a freestyle drama, when sacred music is superficial and hardly sacred, when the homily is an amiable chat rather than explication and instruction, when the rich communal life of devotions, adorations, novenas, feasts, and retreats has been abandoned, the ordinary Catholic can find that visits to his parish leave him not clear-eyed and enthusiastic but confused and lethargic.Condition Notes: Mid Grade condition Signature Notes: Transformers # 40 has been hand signed by Artist Dave Hunt and Editor Bob Budiansky at the East Coast Comic Con 2015.Robert Aufill discusses the life and beliefs of the fiercely anti-Catholic Dave Hunt, who wrote A Woman Rides the Beast: The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days.The signature was witnessed by a Brooklyn Comic Shop representative.This comic comes with a signed Certificate Of Authenticity (COA).

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