Dealing with dating an ex stripper

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Acceptance allows you to live in a way that reveals a freedom from the past. These rules are there to protect you from any further hurts or upsets.You must build a new structure that empowers you versus disempowering you.You create a support system with a friend who you can call when you feel yourself slipping into your old eating habits. In other words, you do everything that you can to surround yourself with ways to achieve your goal.You must do the same thing when you are working at disentangling yourself from your ex after divorce.This is him living by the old rules as if this were his home, which it is not.

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Remove all the temptations to stay connected to your ex (here are some ideas to help you reclaim your space after divorce).Within this framework, you are free to do the inner work of healing.My ex and I had a fairly amicable divorce and we have managed to move out of each other's lives albeit for the children. In reading the book, Leaving Him Behind by Sandra Kahn, she mentioned something that set off a light for me.You each know each other's hot buttons and continue to push those buttons resulting in upsets. You need to look inside to determine where you are still tied to him.Acceptance comes from acknowledging that your marriage is over with no hope or wish for it to continue. But before you can do this work, you must put in place new rules that will lay the groundwork for a completely new relationship with your former husband.

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